Post Update – 15 / Oct / 2019

  • Play as an Adventurer who travels to a frontier town after hearing rumors of undiscovered ancient artifacts in the area
  • Restore the frontier town in order to help your search
  • Improve the town with artifacts found in dungeons
  • Character development involves the main character becoming less selfish as they help the various citizens of the town
  • (You are no longer a squire working for the kingdom)

Post Test – 15 October

Play as a young adventurer who has traveled to a frontier town in order to search for the fabled “Legendary Artifact” (name tbd).

Explore randomly generated areas of the frontier, fight monsters in turn-based combat and collect materials and artifacts in order to expand the frontier town and collaborate with the people to uncover the mystery of the Legendary Artifact.

Post Test – 09 / Oct / 2019

In Frontier Quest, you take the role of an adventurer who has traveled to a remote town in search of a magical mcguffin. The game consists of two distinct game modes: Town Interaction and Frontier Exploration.

Town interaction allows you to explore the town and get to know its inhabitants and find out how you can help them and the town grow. To do this you’ll need to venture out into the frontier.

Frontier Exploration sees you exploring randomly generated encounters where you will gather materials and engage in turn based combat.