Lucie’s Potager Artstyle

Today we will be talking about the artstyle choices for our new game Lucie’s Potager, which we announced in our last post. 

For our new project we wanted to continue to use and improve on the 2D art style we used for Frontier Quest. We have also decided to experiment with 3D assets to give the environment more depth and to allow the player more freedom of movement than a flat 2D scene would give.

The 3D assets will be low poly and have simple stylised textures to fit with the 2D style of the characters and shop buildings in the game. This kind of art style was inspired by games like Paper Mario and Bug Fables that combine 2D and 3D assets to make up the worlds in their games. 

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Announcement – New Project!

Now for the main reason why we started these posts; today we’re announcing that we’re working on our next project!

The game is called Lucie’s Potager, and it’s a shop RPG based around growing and selling plant-based items.

You play as Lucie, a young squirrel who has chosen to set up a shop to spread her love of plants. It’ll feature mechanics such as growing and harvesting plants, running a store, foraging for materials, crafting and more!

The game has a cute, fantasy feel to it; the plants aren’t all what you might expect and there are a variety of characters to meet too.

While we will be showing off screenshots and features in the coming weeks, the game is still pretty early in development, so there’s unlikely to be a release date or even a demo any time soon. Even so, we just wanted to share what we’re working towards with everyone.

Look forward to hearing more about it in the coming weeks!

Frontier Quest – 1st Anniversary!

Today marks one year since we released our first game, Frontier Quest!
Since then we also released Frontier Quest on Nintendo Switch in September 2021.

Frontier Quest was originally a student project that we decided to release in order to give us experience in self-publishing. Including the Switch release, we’ve spent about 2 years working on it and we’re looking forward to bringing what we’ve learnt during this process to making future projects even better.

We’d also like to say a big thank you to everyone who bought our game, it means a lot to us 🙂

Starting a Devlog

Hello and welcome to the Stellar Advent website!

Starting today we’ll be posting regular updates to this blog to talk about what we’re working on, things we’ve done recently, and stuff like that.

If there’s anything you’d particularly like to hear about, feel free to leave a comment or send us an email through our Contact Us page.