Announcement – New Project!

Now for the main reason why we started these posts; today we’re announcing that we’re working on our next project!

The game is called Lucie’s Potager, and it’s a shop RPG based around growing and selling plant-based items.

You play as Lucie, a young squirrel who has chosen to set up a shop to spread her love of plants. It’ll feature mechanics such as growing and harvesting plants, running a store, foraging for materials, crafting and more!

The game has a cute, fantasy feel to it; the plants aren’t all what you might expect and there are a variety of characters to meet too.

While we will be showing off screenshots and features in the coming weeks, the game is still pretty early in development, so there’s unlikely to be a release date or even a demo any time soon. Even so, we just wanted to share what we’re working towards with everyone.

Look forward to hearing more about it in the coming weeks!

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