Frontier Quest

Together ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results.

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The town is looking worse-for-wear when you first arrive…

A New Adventure Awaits

Frontier Quest is a turn-based rpg about restoring a run-down town and adventuring into the unknown.

You take on the role of an adventurer who has traveled to a remote town in search of a legendary artifact. However this town is ill suited as a base of operations, and only through helping each other can its inhabitants can bring about new change.

As you progress you might meet some new faces!

Discover New Quests

Through exploring the town and interacting with the residents you will get to know them and their worries. Discover how you can help them and perhaps they will feel inclined to return the favor.

The frontier is home to many different kinds of monsters

Explore The Frontier

The Frontier is a wilderness filled with monsters and undiscovered treasure. By choosing the correct equipment you can defeat enemies in turn-based combat and progress further into the unknown, discovering new resources along the way.


Nintendo Switch


Turn-Based RPG

Release Date

January 29 2021 (PC)
September 08 2021 (Switch)