Measurement Mansion

Explore a quirky mansion and learn to measure volume with unit cubes!

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Explore the mansion to find weird and wonderful furniture to measure!

Learn Math the Fun Way!

Measurement Mansion is an educational game designed to teach the 5th grade Math concept of Measuring Volume using Unit Cubes.

In Measurement Mansion you take on the role of a Mover who is helping the mansion owner to pack away his furniture. Students will need to explore the mansion, looking for the furniture that needs packing.

Use Unit Cubes to measure Length, Width, Height and calculate Volume.

Become a Measuring Master

When the furniture has been found, students play a mini game where they measure the length, width and height of the furniture using unit cubes as a visual guide.

Once this is done, they will need to calculate the volume of the furniture with the correct unit of measurement.


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Adventure, Educational

Release Date

September 20, 2021