The Adventurer

The protagonist of our story. A young explorer on the hunt for a legendary treasure. Their latest discovery has lead them to a desolate frontier town.

Although there appears to be little to work with, their outsider influence may be the beginning of something new for the residents of the town.

Mr Solanum

A cheerful old man who was seemingly turned into a tomato at some point in his life. He now spends his days peddling wares to and from different parts of the land.

While his strange appearance may be off-putting to some he always treats his customers with a kind smile.


The only daughter of the frontier town’s previous blacksmith. A lack of need to create new items and weapons has lead to the decline of her family trade.

Her gruff attitude hides a strong passion for her art.

Dr. Steinberg

A mysterious researcher who also seeks a grand discovery. Will the two outsiders be able to find common ground?


A newcomer to the frontier who simply wishes to fulfill her dreams. She hopes that this town will be a place of new opportunities for her.